Frank Chen

Frank Chen

Hello, I'm Frank. This is a working knowledge base where I share concepts I'm experimenting with.

Currently, I'm helping to build the private internet with Aleo through the power of zero knowledge and distributed ledgers. In a past life, I played around with numbers and told stories as an analyst, but eventually shifted over to product.

I do a fuck ton of jiujitsu and consider it one the defining obsessions that has altered the way I think about mindset, learning, training, and strategy.

I'm into a fair amount of cooking related shit as well - did some food science blogging, hosted experimental supper clubs, and worked at a 2* Michelin restaurant. The hospitality space continues to inspire me from a technological and cultural standpoint, and continually reminds me that to cook is to be human.

I run my life in a series of fractal experiments. Like food, there are seasons to everything. The skill of having courage and talking to strangers helps me to figure out what hell I'm doing. Also, it helps to do some reflection (2022).

Lately, I've been posting life updates on my email newsletter.

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