Frank Chen

Frank Chen

match commitment with expectancy

Wanting is conscious. Expecting is unconscious and requires a follow through on a commitment but it won't automatically mean you will win or conquer. However, without expectancy, you also don't have the staying power when shit hits the fan.

Have a strong sense of expectancy but focus on the process now to reduce the pressure when things don't go your way.

An example that Mark gives in his book:

"When asked if people could achieve high stock returns right after a class, only 1/100 people raised their hand. When asked if they could bake a lemon cake after being presented a recipe, almost everyone raised their hand. The question for the stock scenario is "why didn't I raise my hand?" It reflects your true belief that you can actually do something."

Similarly, if I roll with a lower belt and ask, "can I submit this person?" I would raise my hand. If I roll with a competitive black belt and ask "can I submit this person?" I wouldn't raise my hand. But if I did raise my hand, even if I don't in the moment submit the black belt, I have infinitely more chance to do so in the now and in the present.

In order to build this expectancy:

  • revisit and feel-imagery past successes
  • select for positive experiences over negative ones
  • ensure your commitment is on par with your expectancy
  • enjoy the present process

Source: Mindset Secrets for Winning by Mark Minervini

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