Frank Chen

Frank Chen

empathize with users during conversations

Any conversation starts with creating a safe space.

"Think out loud, share what's on your mind. You can't hurt my feelings. This is not a test of your knowledge. There are no incorrect or bad answers."

As the interviewer:

  • talk less, listen more
  • the goal is to learn who you are building for, not what to build
  • focus solely on your customer, not your competition

Ask them about their day and observe them. Find out what they do, who they are, what they're thinking or doing outside of your product. Learn their essence.

Anchor in the present or specific past actions, make them tell their story.

"Talk me through the last time [they performed an action you're curious about]".

Find out their frustrations.

  • "What frustrates you about this?"
  • "Which part of the product frustrates you most?"

Find out if they give a shit.

  • "How are you dealing with it now?"
  • "What else have you tried?"
  • "Are you satisfied with that solution?"

Dig in deeper. Understand why. Keep the questions open and the stories going.

  • "Why?"
  • "Say more, tell me more…"
  • "Walk me through your thinking here…"
  • "Do you have any concerns?"

Bring it back to problems, not solutions.

  • "Tell me when and why you would use that?"
  • "How would you use [solution]?"

Make them feel heard.

  • "I think I heard you say [repeat your interpretation] … is that right?"
  • "Is there more?"

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