Frank Chen

Frank Chen

the isolation of limbs is what jiujitsu is all about

"When one part of your body is in trouble, other parts have to come to the rescue. The game of jiujitsu is all about isolating one part of an opponents body and attacking it. Sometimes you will be on the wrong side of that methodology and find one part of your body has been isolated and about to be attacked. If you can react early enough then it's usually possible to simply pull the endangered limb free. However, if you're opponent is doing a good job of restricting your movement you'll need a more sophisticated approach. Rather than desperately try to extract your isolated limb - look to use other parts of your body to protect it." - John Danaher

Leg locks are an isolation of one leg.

Armbars are an isolation of one arm.

Chokes are an isolation of the neck and eventually, the carotid artery.

Kimuras are an isolation of one shoulder using the arm as a lever.

The isolation of limbs can also be generalized to the application of strength or force in a concentrated manner across an opponent's body.

That application of strength is multiplied by important concepts such as inside control, wedges, and many to one types of control.

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