Frank Chen

Frank Chen

dominating the grip fight means you dominate the initial entry

"If he can't grip you, then he can't control you. It's often a good idea to focus on controlling your opponents hands and arms whenever you feel they are controlling you with grip. Some opponents just feel like once they put hands on you they can dominate. Don't give them the luxury of putting grips on you. Control their hands or get your hands and elbows inside their arms and you will severely limit their ability to use their superior strength through grips upon your body. You don't want to play this game exclusively as it can degenerate into a negative game where you focus too much on interfering with what the other fellow is doing rather than focusing primarily on what you want to do, but used for short periods of time and/or specific opponents it can be a big help when fighting bigger and stronger opponents."

~ John Danaher

If you dominate the initial grip fight, then you will dominate the entries into the game that you want to play.

If you can constantly break grips, then you can constantly impose your game. If you're imposing your game, you are on the offensive cycle. Get your grips.

If you don't have your grips, get a grip.

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