Frank Chen

Frank Chen

focusing on breathing brings me back to the present

Focusing on deep diaphragm breathing until it is second nature helps me bring myself back to the present.

In the jiujitsu context, this helps me achieve a "relaxed poise", and further opens up a "sense of play" which helps me to stay focused at the problems at hand and away from anger.

At the very least, it opens the door to feeling loose and dangerous. I might even feel bold enough to embody a gangsta swagger that ups my subconscious game.

Anytime you start having negatively spiraling thoughts, immediately begin counting down from 5. When you do so you engage the pre-frontal cortex and you break out of the loop.

To create your own adrenaline, do Wim-Hof breathing, 25-30 deep and forceful inhales and exhales.

To calm yourself down, do 2-in 1-out breathing. Breathe in deep, then another sharp breath in to expand the sacs, then out.

Visualize the conditions so that you know what it feels like day of.

In the current moment, just focus on the next track necessary. "I don't know where I'm going but I know exactly how to get there."

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