Frank Chen

Frank Chen

shuttle learnings into concepts and systems

When taking notes, underlining anything that might be interesting is only the shallowest level of understanding.

You have to really investigate the underline. Investigate why you were drawn to it. What's the concept that underlies the underline? Is it contrarian? Does it conform to an existing body of knowledge you already know about?

When learning a jiujitsu technique, take note of which concepts you are applying, and zoom back out to see how that particular move fits into your system. This means deeply understanding the move and the related concepts behind the move, and understanding it in a way that you can implement it in your current systems. Question it and experiment with it:

  • Why does the move work?
  • What is actually happening on a bio-mechanical level?
  • Why can't your opponent fight back? Strength? Leverage? Body mechanics?

It's fine to get repetitions on that move, but you have to make sure you're consciously drilling it in a way that it makes it into your repertoire. Ask yourself:

  • How does this move fit into my favorite systems?
  • How can I get to this move from [x] position?
  • What are the risks of looking for this move?

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