Frank Chen

Frank Chen

approaching higher level players is a mental challenge

As you climb ranks, don't be so impressed by others. One of the pieces of advice that I got somewhere around blue belt was to not roll to the belt. This means, believe it or not, don't put higher ranked folks on a pedestal. Sure, they might be good, but understand that you have jiujitsu abilities as well. Trust them and the fact that your past does not determine your present.

Understand that approaching higher level players is a mental challenge. Focus on the present moment and the opportunities that are open to you. These experiences will develop unbridled confidence, commitment, and intensity. Even if you don't truly believe it act yourself into a way of thinking.

Approach every roll with a clean slate, with no prior conceptions from previous rolls. It's a new day, and a new challenge.

When they say "don't roll to the belt", what they really mean is that anything can happen on any given day.

You're a new you everyday. If you've been training you're going to be 1% better. The roll is a clean slate. It's a challenge to do better against an opponent in every roll. You might not win, but you will progress.

You can't give yourself excuses that someone has been training longer than you or is at a higher level to you. It doesn't matter. Execute your jiujitsu, and work on improving the part of your game you're looking work.

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