Frank Chen

Frank Chen

competition rolls should be assertive not aggressive

"You have to be brutal. When I shift away from the desire to make people suffer and squirm, either through fatigue or laziness, I lose. When I follow the path of aggression, I win, and I also look like an asshole during takedowns, knee on collarbone/belly, and tight kimuras."

"[Even though I am] someone who likes being aggressive when called for, it is hard to 'turn it on' once someone gets the upper hand. If you are not a traditionally violent or aggressive person when competing, I imagine turning it on would be even more difficult. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with technique but is more of a mindset for competing. I've been on both sides of beatdowns when it comes to competition, whether it's grappling or some other sport. When physical attributes are relatively equal, attitude is the great divider."

~ ShadowDeviant from Reddit

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