Frank Chen

Frank Chen

universal feelings when one gets into the zone

You can't focus too hard. Imagine fighting an opponent like you are standing up and walking to the door. You don't think about every mobile action you take stepping towards the door, you just focus on the door and go. This is the same in fighting. You don't think about the movements you make, you just focus exactly on what outcome you're looking to achieve.

Put another way, you find that place where you put your foot in front of another when you go to the door. But that's a bit more incomprehensible, isn't it? That's more of us trying to give instructions to our unconscious.

They say it's really that simple - just think positive, and give positive commands and feel-imagery, because it really is that simple.

When you reach the zone, the "void" so they speak, you hit things you didn't even know. Folks report feeling:

  • loss of fear
  • not thinking of performance
  • total immersion
  • a narrow focus
  • effortless performance
  • complete control
  • a sense of impersonal joy

In the end, you still need to put in the work. You need to take beatings, and be completely obsessed.

Source: A Fighter's Mind by Sam Sheridan

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