Frank Chen

Frank Chen

play your game because no one else is going to be better than you at it

"In time, you will rise to a given skill level. Whatever that level is, it will be a reflection of the seriousness of your study and industry. The three most important elements that determine your effectiveness on the mat will be your skill, your tactics and your authenticity. [Your authenticity] is the degree to which your game is a reflection of who you are as an individual. Nothing will wreck an athlete's effectiveness faster than trying to play another athlete's game. I don't care what kind of game you ultimately express except that it is technically sound (skill), tactically sound (tactics) and yours (authentic)." ~ John Danaher

"No matter how technically proficient and tactically a game is, my experience is that if it is not something that genuinely expresses your individuality as an athlete, it won't be something you apply when the pressure is on. Just as you don't feel comfortable wearing another persons clothes no matter how fancy and well tailored they might be, so too you won't be comfortable playing another persons game. You can learn a lot from others, but be selective in what you take on board. Take what suits you and make modifications according to your needs and individual traits. When you can combine technical proficiency with sound tactics and authenticity, you will have a very powerful game indeed." ~ John Danaher

Play your own game because only you are the best at being you. This is just another way of saying that everything you do in jiujitsu should be an expression of you.

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