Frank Chen

Frank Chen

assess the outcome by repeating non judgmental observation

  1. Non-judgmental observation of change and results.

Don't try too hard and just observe the movement process without exercising control over it.

"When you execute a move correctly and it goes well, you get a certain kind of ego satisfaction, that perhaps you are the master of the situation. However, if you allow the movement to just occur as movement, it doesn't seem right to award your ego for the credit. It doesn't feel like you, the self, was the one who executed the move. You can still feel satisfaction, but it's more the 'satisfaction' of watching the movements unfold naturally."

If I try to make myself relax, true relaxation vanishes, and in its place is a strange phenomenon of "trying to relax". Relaxation happens only when allowed, not as a result of "trying" or "making".

Source: The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey

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