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Frank Chen

lno framework

Tasks fall into three categories:

  1. Leverage (1x to 10x) - these tasks are the ones you know for sure are going to move the needle. You know because these are also the tasks that you're most likely to procrastinate on. (Fuck, I know).

  2. Neutral (1x to 1x) - these tasks are neutral. They provide value but aren't the highest leverage ones.

  3. Overhead (1x to < 1x) - these tasks are the sweeper tasks. Invoices, tracker sheets, checking random email and smaller requests.

Context is the most important. At any time, a task can be leverage, neutral, or overhead depending on the context, so buyer beware. As with all frameworks, it helps classify and categorize so it makes it more or less apparent when you're working on things that potentially might not matter.

Source: Shreyas Doshi on Lenny's Podcast

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