Frank Chen

Frank Chen

map of content (product)

Here you'll find some thoughts revolving around the core tenants of product management, some of my learnings, and how I've approached my workflow.

standup & mortems

conducting user interviews


building product sense

  • Deconstruct products and ask targeted questions to consciously build product sense. You can run these exercises every so often on your own with products that you enjoy using.

getting alignment

  • Generally, misalignment is caused by folks talking past one another. Perk your ears up and listen to which level you're on and which level others are on.

  • Clarity in long and short form writing is critical for good communication, especially in the modern remote work milieu. Good communication (whether through writing or speech) generally cuts down on misalignment. It can also be argued in the opposite direction, where communication in itself means there's "communicating to be had" which represents misalignment opportunities. This might suggest team size as the problem or something at the organizational level.

building community

web3 vs web2 product

product reviews

  • For my own benefit, I've written a product review of choice kingdom trust, an IRA platform that is friendly to digital assets. I'm still use them because their customer service has been responsive, otherwise I'd probably duck out. There's way too many shitty UI issues, random fees, and inane paperwork processes that inch me closer to quitting them permanently.

  • Since I've been investigating web3 wallets a little bit deeper, I've vocalized a product deconstruction of phantom wallet, one of the more prominent wallets in the Solana ecosystem.

  • This whole section is just me making sure to consciously build product sense.

a comprehensive product framework

I've been putting together a comprehensive product framework that helps combine a bunch of questions that could be considered to generate interesting directions for any product question. This is currently in progress.

work in progress