Frank Chen

Frank Chen

how to do a cold introduction

I don't recommend cold introductions because the person you want to talk to doesn't know you. They have no idea if you're going to waste their time. They virtually have nothing to gain out of it.

If you have no other choice but to reach out cold, then do it. Otherwise, I really recommend you find a friend of a friend of a friend who can help you out. The closer the friend, the better.

Hey E,

I'm reaching out because I came across your site while I was doing research for my own business. I was impressed with your product positioning as well as the testimonials on your website. You've established yourself well in this niche.

I'm currently in the process of interviewing my potential market and wanted to reach out for some advice about my approach. In the process of my ongoing research, I've discovered some frequent frustrations for young professionals:

  • frustration 1
  • frustration 2
  • frustration 3

and have thought of some deep content pieces as a starting point for addressing them:

  • content topic 1
  • content topic 2
  • content topic 3

I'm sure you've encountered similar frustrations from your own clients, which is why approaching the space with personalization in mind and focusing on the "meta" concepts of XYZ is my top priority. Because you've been through the process yourself, I wanted to get your take on ABC.

If you are open to a short chat over coffee (on me), I'm free from 4pm - 7pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in San Francisco. I'm flexible and can come to a location and time of your choosing.

I do want to respect your time, and understand that this may not be a priority, so no pressure if you're unable to meet at this time.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

In this particular cold introduction, I get to the point as quick as I can.

  1. I talk about how I found them.
  2. I transition to the relation between what I'm doing and what they're doing.
  3. I show them that I've done research.
  4. I ask them directly about what I want their take on - the ability to ask good questions is an indispensable skill.
  5. I provide clear blocks of time and a location convenient to them.
  6. I leave them an easy out.
  7. I am optimistic, but generally am not offended if I do not receive a response.

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