Frank Chen

Frank Chen

create a pre-performance ritual

You need an optimal level of arousal to perform well.

  1. Warm up correctly. Find the optimal amount that works for you.
  2. Tune visualization inwards. It helps to know your optimal emotion functioning zone. See a great performance and focused on the process, rhythm, and routine at hand. Your ability to switch into higher performing levels is based on your mental awareness. Think of it as "getting into character".
  3. Controlled self talk. Nothing negative.
    • "I'm supposed to be here because I put in the work and preparation. I'm going to have a fucking awesome performance."
    • Be like water and have that dangerous swagger.

Some of the physical components:

  1. Box breathing.
  2. Body posture audit.
  3. Hydrate.

If you're finding trouble letting go it's most likely because you're:

  1. living in the future. Outcome focused.
  2. living in the past.
  3. over-trying. Great performances are smooth and efficient.
  4. overly aroused or distracted.

"You have to exert energy to get to a more efficient place. It's hard to gas out finishing a round in mount. Set the tempo early in the match." - Andrew Wiltse

Source: Mindset Secrets for Winning by Mark Minervini

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