Frank Chen

Frank Chen

practice in a way that strengthens your self image

This starts with assigning as little weight to failing results while positively reinforcing your good results. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns the lesson, adjusts, and MOVES ON.

Don't dwell on what you did wrong. Positively reinforce the correct action, and move on. Similarly, don't reinforce bad habits and bad movements if the training session is going poorly. That adds to the problem.

Position your practice so that your mind is exposed more to positive time than negative time, and position everything in a perception of success.

During practice, the mind responds better to positive commands rather than negative ones. Instead of focusing on "not fucking up when in this position", which is focusing on the problem, you focus on the solution "just transition the move into this position", which is a positive spin.

Source: Mindset Secrets for Winning by Mark Minervini

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