Frank Chen

Frank Chen

web3 has been heavily focused on feasibility rather than usability

For web3 to survive, we need both feasibility and usability. There will be a reckoning if that doesn't happen. Just now we are beginning to move towards usability because that's the natural trend of new technologies.

Similar to the early conceptions of web2, to build a blog you had to understand computer networking, https, understand what a website and a browser was, write up boilerplate HTML, and serve every aspect of the site.

Today, you literally download a package, write stuff, and hit a "deploy" button and it's online. This site was forking a next.js Github repository, changing some code, and deploying using Vercel. The point here is that engineers have built out all the infrastructure necessary to make the feasible usable.

"We'll know that blockchain has made it when we stop saying 'blockchain', and that it's just the normal technology that we use everyday. Similarly, we know we've made it when we stop saying DAO and it's just 'organization' or 'company'."

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