Frank Chen

Frank Chen

constantly decide to be, not try

Decisions are choices and they impact the decisions of our lives. Therefore, being able to make quality decisions that move you towards your goals is extremely important.

Many decisions we make we assign to pleasure or pain, but it's important to take the right perspective on your decisions.

Change happens quickly when you truly make a decision. When you're "trying", it's just another way to push it down the line.

Instead of trying, just be it. You might fail, but consistently to re-decide to be. Fail again? Be it still. It still offers the greatest probability that you will change, it's human to still make mistakes.

  1. Commit to being the change you want.
  2. If you slip up and make mistakes, reframe in a positive way.
  3. Re-commit to being the change you want.

Source: Mindset Secrets for Winning by Mark Minervini

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