Frank Chen

Frank Chen

prioritization should be simple

Instead of a prioritization framework, look at the desired outcomes.

  1. Understand what the desired outcome is for your users.
  2. Understand what their problem is.
  3. Understand how many users are affected.
  4. Understand why this particular experiment/project is valuable given the two constraints above.
  5. Understand how you will measure success.
  6. Use Teresa Torres's opportunity solution tree how many users are affected.

Shreyas also told a story about when he was a product manager at Twitter, and his boss simply asked one question.

"How does [this acquisition] make our users love Twitter more?"

Thats it. No data, metrics, quantitative evaluations. This one simple question encompasses so much:

  1. Do you know who our users are?
  2. Do you know why they come to Twitter?
  3. Do you know why they love Twitter?
  4. How does [this acquisition] change the dynamic of the three points above?

Source: Shreyas Doshi on Lenny's Podcast

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