Frank Chen

Frank Chen

email newsletter #4

writing on twitter, async philosophies, the rise of decaf

writing on twitter

I wrote a short tweet thread about how Twitter has strengthened my writing process. It's a glimpse into what's going on when I'm writing. Basically, if you were here while I was REALLY writing, you'd probably think I was crazy since I gesture and talk to myself.

async philosophies

I read a very intriguing piece about the philosophy of technology and how it's shaped some of our modern anxieties as it pertains to online conversation and over-analysis in the absence of information. It's pertinent in our increasingly digital world. Let's not lose our sense of human.


Not a watch, but a listen: Peter Zeihan talks about the collapse of globalization. His current topic is about how China's economic engine is not looking good, and might be completely fucked in a decade.

cool thing?

I didn't find anything cool this week. Not gonna force it 😂 .

the rise of decaf?

A roasterie that exclusively focuses on producing sustainable, decaffeinated coffees. I'm a decaf drinker, and the options are always so limited. Reddit says it's mostly because there's less demand. Less demand means lower quality beans are used to make decaf, and voila, limited and shittier decaf options. But what happens if we create a company that's focused on decaf (aside from it going out of business)?

quote of the week

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." - Emily Kwok, 2x IBJJF World Champion