Frank Chen

Frank Chen

accept that you are what you want to be already

Identify with who and what you are capable of to create a strong self image.

Although it is difficult to measure, having a negative self-image hampers the activation of your subconscious, which hampers performance. Self-image resists change and can drastically impact performance. Consciously be the self-image you want. This will require working with direct affirmations and replacing your old self-image with your new self-image. If it helps, you can imagine taking the essence of your favorite jiujitsu players.

  • beyond capable of great performances
  • have sick, flowy, tricky, expressive jiujitsu
  • hard to submit, slippery as fuck
  • have fire leg locks and leg game
  • going to get out of mount, and submit this mf
  • a cold-blooded submission hunter
  • going to get cross-ashi double trouble and submit this mf
  • a wrestle up guard player
  • going to come up and get my points
  • an open guard float passer
  • going to cut through pass you and consolidate position
  • identify with champions you like
  • it is me to perform very well in competition

Source: With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham

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