Frank Chen

Frank Chen

product management is about value and viability

As a reminder, on empowered product teams, the product manager is responsible for value and viability, the designer is responsible for usability, and the engineers are responsible for feasibility. Together these teams make a product.

As a recap, here are some of the risks associated with building a product

  • value risk (whether customers will buy it or users will choose to use it)
  • usability risk (whether users can figure out how to use it)
  • feasibility risk (whether our engineers can build what we need with the time, skills and technology we have)
  • business viability risk (whether this solution also works for the various aspects of our business)

So what is viability?

"For a product to be viable, our marketing organization must be able to effectively market it, sales must be able to effectively sell, finance needs to be able to effectively fund and monetize, and our offering needs to be legal and compliant with relevant regulations, as just some of the most common examples."

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