Frank Chen

Frank Chen

use of your head is the fifth limb

"One of the single biggest differences between BEGINNER and EXPERT in jiujitsu is that experts employ their HEAD while grappling and physical means of pushing, blocking, trapping their opponents to a MUCH greater degree than most beginners. Most beginners have a natural tendency to shy away from head contact and often look away from opponents or hang back with their head for fear of hurting themselves or training partner. This is something you have to get over. You head is one of your most effective mechanical tools in grappling. Use it whenever you can. Here I use head position combined with an underhook to block a training partners ability to move his own head and thus facilitate a half guard pass. This is just one of numerous ways you can use your head to gain advantage or defend yourself in grappling. Start experimenting with head position as a means to increase the effectiveness of your favorite positional moves or as a way to stop your opponent performing his moves - you will soon find there are many effective ways to do so! Higher level jiujitsu players constantly take up space using their head."

~ John Danaher

When passing they drive their head into the chest cavity. This means the defensive man can't come up, can't get underhooks, and are more pinned.

The head is strong and is a very controlling wedge.

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