Frank Chen

Frank Chen

visualized feel imagery is the subconscious language

  1. Picture the desired outcome.

Employ visualization, but also what it "feels" like in the moment. It's an odd combination of "feel-imagery". This may take the form of feeling like your favorite professional athlete. This may take the form of playing out perfectly executed, fluid movements in your head.

The native tongue of the subconscious is sensory imagery. We want to trust the conscious conceptual process of learning technique instead of the subconscious' learning from experience. If you think that it is "obeying instruction" that produced the positive outcome, it sets us up for disappointment when instruction is given but a good outcome does not occur.

If we let ourselves rely too much on instruction and lose touch with our ability to feel our actions, we can seriously compromise our subconscious ability to naturally acquire competence. This is what it means to "learn from experience".

Source: The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey

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