Frank Chen

Frank Chen

the self image regulates like a thermostat

Your self-image is the repository of all you have been led to believe about yourself.

Think of your self-image like a thermostat, it regulates you back to a "like you" zone. When your teammates say "where's the TANK?!" they're positively reinforcing a better "like you" zone.

Because you have that regulated thermostat zone, you do what you do because it's consistent with your identity.

Therefore, you set the thermostat to a higher temperature, wherein the system starts working to increase the temperature of the room there. It's much easier to get the room to a higher temperature if you set the zone first, instead of doing the work, but having it later fall back to a lower temperature.

So, if you want to be warmer, your thermostat needs to be set warmer, and your self-image needs to be set on a setting that is "greater" than your performance. It also works in the neutral or opposite direction. If you keep the thermostat where it is or even have it lower, even if you do increase the temperature of the room, the thermostat will eventually realign with where the thermostat was set.

Champions held their winning beliefs before they become champions, and that's why they succeeded.

Source: Mindset Secrets for Winning by Mark Minervini

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