Frank Chen

Frank Chen

the subconscious is where true performance lies

There are three layers to an athlete. The most "apparent" layer is the conscious, then the subconscious, and then "performance", which is a manifestation of the conscious and unconscious. All three are linked. The conscious brain, despite being the level that we are "aware" of, is a rather slow processor. If we are able to activate our subconscious, the brain's capabilities become much more enhanced, and we're able to flow and recall from second nature.

The mind game and how you approach the mental side of the game every day while training and every day in life will determine the opportunities you get, and the amount of subconscious ability you're able to unlock.

To start, your conscious efforts control your self-image, which activates or deactivates certain parts of your subconscious. When activated correctly, your subconscious provides fluid performances and the feeling of "flow".

Improving the conscious elements of your game improves your self-image, and a more capable self image has a stronger tie to the subconscious, which leads to better performances and more relaxed concentration.

This is where ultimate performance lies.

Source: With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham. Here's a summary.

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