Frank Chen

Frank Chen

non-judgmental observation shuts down emotions

  1. Begin with non-judgmental observation.

When training, employ non-judgmental observation. Feel the change that you desire, and continue observing. Nothing is good or bad. What you see in the present is just what you see.

Quieting the mind is the skill to master. This means less thinking, calculating, judging, worrying, fearing, hoping, trying, regretting, controlling, jittering or distracting. The mind is still when it is totally here and now in perfect oneness with the action and the actor. Judgments are our personal, ego reactions to the sights, sounds, feelings and thoughts within our experience. What usually happens is that these self-judgments become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Source: The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey. Here are some summaries.

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