Frank Chen

Frank Chen

misalignment is caused by folks talking past one another

When stakeholders are not aligned, it's usually because the content they're talking about is on different levels.

The three levels that Shreyas talks about are execution, impact, and optics.

  1. If you're talking about execution you're generally talking about how priorities are going to get done, setting milestones for deliverables, and assessing feasibility.

  2. If you're talking about impact you're generally talking about outcomes for your users, why we're pursuing a particular set of priorities, and what positive value would be created for users of the product.

  3. If you're talking about optics you're generally talking about how our priorities affect the brand and perception within the market.

Make sure everyone is talking at the same level. If you are not, then it's time to call it out.

Source: Shreyas Doshi via Lenny's Podcast

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