Frank Chen

Frank Chen

how to write a formal catch up letter

I reach out to old coworkers sometimes.

In the time of the COVID-19 quarantine, I've been taking the time to catch up with folks near and far. The formality of the message depends on how acquainted I am with them. In this case, I had a good relationship with my team.

heyo ya'll,

Just sending a hello to [TEAM NAME]. Just saying hi and making sure everyone is ok in the time of the pandemic.

I've been working remotely for the past 4 years, including my time at [COMPANY], so nothing has changed too much on my end. I'm safe, and so is my family and partner.

Let's catch up. An in-person gathering probably isn't wise, so let's use this thread as a start to scheduling a virtual "whatever-drink-is-in-my-cabinet" video call.

The premise is quite simple. Say hi, quick update, let's set up a call.

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