Frank Chen

Frank Chen

don't be satisfied with only escaping

"Stop the attack … and then what? Traditional jiujitsu is an inherently conservative game. Defense before all. There is wisdom in this, particularly when you remember that traditional jiujitsu was concerned primarily with self defense against bigger and stronger opponents. However, in modern jiu jitsu you must go beyond the old satisficing mindset which directs us simply to defend an opponents move; and instead opt for a maximizing mindset which asks us to not just defend a move, but also to immdiately counter as soon as the defense has topped the initial attack. Most opponents will be extended and out of position immediately after a failed attack so these counters have a very high success rate. Next time you're under attack, go the extra distance and the second you've blunted the opponents attack - ask yourself what your best offensive option is. Your game will take on a whole new dynamic as a result."

~ John Danaher

Don't just be satisfied with successfully defending or escaping.

Be satisfied with successfully defending or escaping and restarting your own offensive cycle. This is harder than it looks because it requires a "through" mindset. This type of mind doesn't breathe a sigh of relief when escaping an attack, but instead, continues on to gain offensive control. The best don't let up until the submission is found. Then, it's back to the training room.

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